Masoud Bassiri

As the world of wireless communications migrates towards mobile data with the ever-increasing utilization of bandwidth, the provision of high quality telephony requires not only knowledge but also experience and wireless culture. That is why we have positioned ourselves to provide both experience and knowledge in the provision of mobile in-building products and services on our quest for CONSIStent TELecommunications.

At CONSISTEL, we firmly believe that understanding the culture and the requirements of our customers is the first step towards being able to plan and then to integrate the highest quality wireless networks they desire. Furthermore, as we evolve alongside our customers in the industry, our products and services would match the growth and development phases of our customers flawlessly.

CONSISTEL is the leading independent specialist provider of network solutions for the wireless industry. We seek to provide the best of breed wireless solutions in voice and data domains by leveraging our human capital and embracing technological innovations to offer our customers unprecedented choice and value.

Leveraging the experience gained from completing over 3000 in-building projects since 1996, we have channeled our expertise and knowledge to develop a proprietary in-building automation software suite. We are proud to announce that CONSISTEL has developed ATRIUM, a revolutionary in-building services enterprise software suite which allows end-to-end design, implementation, project management and documentation of the project on the same software platform, thus shifting much of the traditional pencil and paper work to a digitized platform for increased collaboration and efficiencies, in an industry which has to-date, had a traditional bricks and mortar, predominantly blue-collar focus.

ATRIUM comes with various key modules required for end-to-end implementation of an in-building network project life cycle from the receipt of KPI’s and building data, through to RF design and documentation, project management, procurement, digitization of the as-built systems, and tagging and management of completed infrastructure for easy maintenance and future upgrades. ATRIUM is an automated enterprise software suite, with a single core database integrating all its modules, substantially reducing the effort, labor, time and cost for the in-building process. ATRIUM has a proprietary process methodology, incorporating multiple functionalities and features into a single enterprise platform.

Our philosophy is simple: at CONSISTEL, our solutions are not merely about technology, but primarily about your wireless telecommunications business. We work with you to achieve a more efficient, effective and seamless rollout of your wireless telecommunications plans.

So take a look around. I hope that you will become a frequent visitor and follow our continued growth and development. We welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have and discuss your needs. Please let us know how we may be of assistance to you. We look forward to your support. Enjoy surfing through our website!

Masoud Bassiri