CONSISTEL Press Release - December 2008


Singapore - Consistel is pleased to announce that it has upgraded its classification to L5 contractor with Building & Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA) and qualified as grade S10 with Expenditure and Procurement Policies Unit of Singapore (EPPU),” said Bernard Chan, Group Managing Director of Consistel, “In line with Consistel’s business goals, this is an important milestone as it qualifies us to participate in mega public projects.

BCA has upgraded Consistel as L5 contractor under one of the major groups of the registration heads, ME04 - communications and security systems and financial grades. BCA’s contractor qualification is accorded only to companies that have sufficient resources, experience, technical expertise and good track record to undertake contracts as defined by the Registration Head and the allocated grade.

To qualify for grade L5, Consistel has satisfied the financial requirement of :

  • minimum of S$500,000 paid-up capital
  • professional and technical resource with at least 8 years of relevant experience
  • aggregate project values of S$10 million inclusive of a single project with minimum value of S$1 million in the past 3 years

Consistel is also qualified under financial grade S10 by Expenditure and Procurement Policies Unit, Singapore. Grade S10 is given to companies of good financial standing with:

  • net tangible assets of at least S$4.5 million
  • sales turnover/ revenue above S$15 million in a year
  • minimum paid-up capital of S$2 million

The Contractors Registry is administered by the Building and Construction Authority to serve the procurement needs of government departments, statutory bodies and other public sector organizations. The Registry functions as an administrative body only for the public sector procurement.

EPPU is the Expenditure and Procurement Policies Unit which is in charge of evaluating whether suppliers of goods and services have sufficient financial resources to undertake large Government contracts.

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Tel: +65 6396 7000

About Consistel

Consistel is a global wireless software solutions provider and system integrator with extensive experience in delivering In-building wireless communications systems around the world. We design and develop a complete range of wireless network software applications that enable our customers to integrate systems for mobile connectivity through efficient planning, designing and integration of wireless networks for profitability and growth. Consistel has a ready pool of highly qualified professionals and recognized experts located regionally to support its operations. For more information, please visit