CONSISTEL Press Release - June 2008


Singapore - CONSISTEL PTE LTD announced today that it has entered into a distribution agreement with ReliOn, Inc. to distribute and support ReliOn’s industry leading T-1000® and T-2000® hydrogen fuel cell products under the brand name, “SPIRO” as backup power solutions for a variety of market segments in the Middle East and Asia. This agreement provides for exclusivity in key territories throughout this region.

“ReliOn’s products offer superior performance in reliability for continuous backup power during grid power outages. This capability provides alternative solutions for telecom operators, which translates into millions of dollars of savings and improvements for maintaining high network reliability. CONSISTEL is proud to distribute these hydrogen fuel cells systems, under the brand name, “SPIRO”. ReliOn is the leader in providing fuel cell solutions for backup power to the telecommunication and security markets. SPIRO hydrogen fuel cell solutions are specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of the worldwide telecommunication sectors of today and tomorrow,” said Mr Masoud Bassiri, Chief Executive Officer of CONSISTEL. “The partnership with ReliOn is a strong component of CONSISTEL’s strategic goal to offer customers comprehensive and best-in-class wireless solutions. It will provide both companies the opportunity to expand the products and service offerings to our customers.”

“As the leader in commercial fuel cell technology for backup power, ReliOn selected CONSISTEL as a partner because of their capabilities and reputation for providing quality products and services to their customers. We believe that together we can provide superior cost effective and eco-friendly solutions to customers within the Middle East and APAC region,” said Gary Flood, President and Chief Executive Officer of ReliOn.

CONSISTEL’s strong presence in the countries of the company establishment will compliment SPIRO’s position towards market expansion for alternative energy segment in the Middle East and APAC region.

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About ReliOn

ReliOn is a leader in the development and marketing of modular Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell products. The company markets commercially available fuel cell products using its patented Modular Cartridge Technology®. ReliOn products are available domestically and internationally for commercial and industrial backup applications in the 600-Watt to 12-kilowatt range. ReliOn fuel cells are certified to multiple safety and performance standards. Please visit: