CONSISTEL Press Release - April 2008


Singapore - Consistel announced that it has successfully completed the In-building wireless implementation for a huge market for a major telecommunication operator in the Middle East. The requirements of this project are to provide seamless wireless coverage for a 75,000-square-feet cloth market with 6,000 shops and to allow easy upgrade from 2G to 3G.

“The successful deployment of Optima solution at the Market will enable its visitors to enjoy superior seamless and high-quality communication over a large coverage area,” said Bernard Chan, Group Managing Director of Consistel. “Consistel’s Optima 1000 series in-building system deployed at this site supports multiple wireless data and voice services on a single and cost-effective broadband infrastructure. This system will form a solid foundation for easy upgrade from 2G to 3G in the future.”

Consistel provides full turnkey in-building coverage services for many global leading mobile operators, including design and integration services. Since 1996, Consistel has provided Optima in-building solutions for many in-building deployment including office buildings, airports, shopping complexes, national libraries and high-rise buildings in Asia Pacific region.

Optima series adopt hybrid fiber-coax technology which forms the basis for expandable architecture using common fiber, coax and antennas. Optima system provides single architecture that supports multiple services – TDMA, CDMA, WCDMA, GSM, Paging, iDEN, SMR and UMTS and enables future wireless network expansions. Integrating simply with any wireless service provider’s network, voice and data services are added to the network without requiring any additional infrastructure. The scalable architecture enables new services to be added without disrupting the tenants when adding services to existing ones. Optima system offers carrier-class operation with advanced signal handling that is able to mitigate interference and ensure optimal performance for all services. The system maximizes wireless usage and revenues in all types of buildings and the ‘wired-it-once’ technology offers future proof in-building wireless wideband backbone for our customer. The simple maintenance of the system allows all active components to be located in telecom closets.

Optima solutions have been chosen for the deployment at this market as the system’s capability allows for easy migration from 2G to 3G services and modular expansion. The result of our solutions optimizes the design productivity and consistency to create a rapid return on investment for our customers. Consistel’s competitive advantage lies in our unique ability to blend wireless and connectivity technologies into a unified solution for our customer.

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