CONSISTEL Press Release - May 2010


Leader in In-Building wireless integration leverages best-in-class human experience and expertise into the development of ATRIUM –The In-Building Wireless Enterprise Software Suite

May 2010 – Consistel, a global wireless software solutions provider and system integrator will debut ATRIUM to the Middle East Telecommunications industry at MECOM 2010, the Leading “Enterprise Communications” Exhibition & Conference in Abu Dhabi on May 17-19, (Booth 3E20).

The groundbreaking development ATRIUM will be showcased and demonstrated at the event. Consistel is the first company with a complete software solution to help network operators, system integrators and equipment manufacturers to transform their business processes in a fully automated way.

“Existing In-building wireless integration has been a capital and labor intensive effort requiring much planning, coordination and expertise.” said Masoud Bassiri, Chief Executive Officer of Consistel. “By having enterprise software like ATRIUM, nine (9) months of In-building wireless integration process is reduced to two (2) months. With ATRIUM, service providers can increase their operational efficiency and reduce the design cost by up to 80%, labor costs by up to 65% and maintenance costs by up to 40%. This marks the beginning of an exciting new phase for the industry and definitely has the potential to change the game.”

According to a study from ABI Research, deployments of In-building systems are expected to result in revenues exceeding $15billion by 2013.

“Despite the increasing need for In-building systems throughout the world and intense competition among service providers, there’s no standard design approach emerged to manage the entire end-to-end In-building wireless life-cycle,” added Masoud. “We are embarking on an exciting future that will substantially reduce integration labor, time and cost. ATRIUM will open many new doors for service providers, system integrators, building owners and equipment manufacturers around the world who require an enterprise tool to manage their workflow processes. The vision that users can have access to ATRIUM’s centralized platform from virtually anywhere, anytime.”

ATRIUM leverages the best-in-class human experience and expertise with technology by transforming complex data, workflow processes, and end user requirements into functional and unique software solution. Through accurate analysis and intelligent information processing, ATRIUM addresses all the challenges and opportunities within the In-building wireless lifecycle, providing and enabling communication and collaboration across organization, resulting in greater productivity and return on investment. For more information about ATRIUM, please visit us at Booth 3E20 or click here to fix an appointment with us.

CEO Telecoms Technology Summit

Consistel CEO Masoud Bassiri will speak at the CEO Telecoms Summit on Wednesday, May 19th at 12.40pm. At the conference, Masoud will present the challenges and pain points of existing In-building wireless integration processes and how ATRIUM Enterprise software streamline and automate workflow processes within the In-building wireless lifecycle for ultimate network deployment, performance, profitability and growth for organizations.

About Consistel

Consistel is a global wireless software solutions provider and system integrator with extensive experience in delivering In-building wireless communications systems around the world. We design and develop a complete range of wireless network software applications that enable our customers to integrate systems for mobile connectivity through efficient planning, designing and integration of wireless networks for profitability and growth. Consistel has a ready pool of highly qualified professionals and recognized experts located regionally to support its operations. For more information, please visit