CONSISTEL Press Release - February 2015

ATRIUM 1.6 Released

Consistel is pleased to announce that the largely anticipated version 1.6 of its flagship ATRIUM in-building enterprise software solution has finally been released.

ATRIUM 1.6 captures practical experiences gathered by Consistel from deploying multiple LTE (4G) network upgrades as both distributed and co-located MIMO installations. These deployments include the flagship Singapore Sports Hub whose in-building network consisting of 21 telecommunications systems for 6 operators over a 35 ha campus of structurally complex buildings with high network traffic demands and a large multi-sector stadium bowl with high network coverage requirements was designed using ATRIUM.

“The introduction of LTE and MIMO technologies has lead to additional design requirements and KPIs. The newly introduced performance parameters such as rank indication have inevitably increased the likelihood of networks not meeting the design requirements post installation and the need to redesign. ATRIUM’s ability to accurately predict LTE-specific performance parameters has not only cut down our design, test and implementation time, it has allowed us to arrive at an optimal design at the first attempt leading to substantial savings in ours and our customers' operation costs.”, Tooraj Forughian, Project Director.

ATRIUM is an enterprise software solution that streamlines and automates processes involved with in-building network implementation. By providing accurate and up-to-date information on all projects and precise analysis methods, ATRIUM addresses challenges within the lifecycle of an in-building network and enables communication and collaboration across organizations. Ultimately, ATRIUM users will experience greater productivity and a higher return on investment. ATRIUM is the first software solution to address the growing need for the integrated in-building wireless development by offering unparalleled flexibility and efficiency in site prioritization, design, project management, implementation and documentation of in-building wireless network projects.

About Consistel

Consistel is a global wireless software solutions provider and system integrator with extensive experience in delivering In-building wireless communications systems around the world. We design and develop a complete range of wireless network software applications that enable our customers to integrate systems for mobile connectivity through efficient planning, designing and integration of wireless networks for profitability and growth. Consistel has a ready pool of highly qualified professionals and recognized experts located regionally to support its operations. For more information, please visit