CONSISTEL Press Release - September 2000


Thailand - CONSISTEL, the leading independent specialist provider of network solutions for wireless telecommunications industry, has been selected to deliver in-building wireless coverage for 50 commercial buildings in Bangkok, Thailand.

AIS, Thailand’s leading cellular operator, has chosen CONSISTEL to design and implement the in-building coverage solutions for 50 sites in the burgeoning commercial capital of the country. In addition, CONSISTEL will be involved in a major survey program to select the first potential 50 structures that will receive the planned installations. It is likely that more buildings will be awarded to CONSISTEL, as the contract progresses.

The US $2 Million contract was awarded in the face of stiff competition and once again demonstrates CONSISTEL’s leading expertise and in-building planning experience. It has already undertaken a number of other significant in-building installations in various parts of the world.

“This is a complex and demanding solution,” says Masoud Bassiri, CONSISTEL’s Chief Executive Officer. “We are delighted that we have been selected, particularly as we were competing against other world-class players in the in-building arena. That we were chosen in such a competitive environment, demonstrates the strength and quality of our offering.”

CONSISTEL will work closely with AIS in the site acquisition program. This will include surveying more than 200 buildings throughout Bangkok to identify the final 50 that will receive an in-building installation. The full turnkey solution from CONSISTEL includes site surveys, design, installation, full project management and monitoring of in-building coverage quality.

“We will also undertake a benchmarking exercise to determine the overall call quality measurement for the whole of the Bangkok area. This data will be utilized to ensure that call coverage and quality within each of the buildings meets or exceeds this benchmark.”

AIS is the largest operator in the Bangkok area and provides nationwide GSM 900 coverage. All the in-building installations will initially support the GSM 900 frequency. AIS customers will enjoy even better in-building coverage once the project is completed.

“In a single solution, we will develop micro networks, incorporating both fiber optics and co-axial infrastructures,” says Bassiri. “This represents a better investment for AIS, and also will ensure we maintain the highest quality of service within each building complex – which means AIS customers are assured of coverage excellence.”

“The sheer scale of this project demonstrates our growth reputation in the delivery of in-building specialist consultancy, design and implementation,” states Mr. Masoud Bassiri. “We have been awarded the first and largest project of this kind in Thailand, and it is a testament to our specialist skills in this particular area that we won out against other significant contenders. In particular, our Call Quality Test proposition was critical in our final selection.”

“CONSISTEL offers world-class wireless expertise, combined with extensive in-building planning experience,” comments Bassiri. “Our growing reputation in this field, means we are increasingly becoming a leading exponent of this discipline.”

This contract reaffirms our position as one of the leading specialists in the provision of in-building full turnkey implementation. The resources and knowledge of our In-Building Centre of Excellence in Singapore means that these specialist skills and expertise can be deployed quickly to any point in the world.

About Consistel

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